We are so proud to be a partner school with the ALEF Fund Scholarship program, which allows many families make the dream of a Jewish school experience a reality!  Children in our Pre-K/K class are eligible and encouraged to apply for an ALEF Fund scholarship, which can provide up to approximately $11,000 of support per child per year!

The ALEF Fund, Inc. is a registered Georgia 501(c)3 Student Scholarship Nonprofit Organization that supports Jewish education in Georgia by helping taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for providing scholarships to students at the Jewish preschools or schools of their choice.

Please visit www.aleffund.org for more information and to see how you can either allocate a portion of your taxes to help support Ahava, and receive a tax credit from the State, or how your child can receive a financial scholarship for Pre-K. It is surprisingly simple to qualify!

The window to make your pledge and receive a tax credit is now open! Call (678) 222-3739 or contact info@aleffund.org for more information