Give a Little Love, Light, and More to Ahava

A Chanukah Appeal from Erin Thaler, Ahava Board President
“It is a tree of life to them that hold fast to it, and all of its supporters are HAPPY!!!”

Walk into Ahava Early Learning Center most any pre-pandemic morning last year and you would hear a group of preschoolers belting out the tune, having been taught by my kiddo Jacob.  The image of the morning band is seared into my mind with the absolute joy and friendship experienced by all at Ahava.

That light still burns in my son though he has moved on to pandemic kindergarten.  Together in our time at Ahava we learned, we explored, we questioned, we reflected – and I say “we” because just as he had those experiences through his developmental lens, my parenting skills were honed to better understand and appreciate those nuanced growths.  There is a freedom with which we both approach his childhood because of the ways the staff and students truly saw my child.  It is an experience all children should have, and schools who provide it deserve support.

In our family we celebrate Chanukah as a time to increase light in our world, growing each night with broadening ways to give to our communities.  As the focus in many families has also expanded to a night of philanthropic giving, I invite you to connect with Ahava’s mission to empower children.

Ahava has successfully navigated the pandemic world, yet the economic costs have a more direct impact. Please include Ahava in your end of year donations as an answer of light to our community.  As many of you have seen the exuberance of Jacob in Zoom minyans, know that there are many more like him who are thriving because of the Ahava experience and your contributions will make a difference.

Ahava Early Learning Center is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax-deductible.

Tribute and General Donations

Tribute Donations offer the ability to memorialize or honor friends and family. Tribute donations can be made in honor of a bar/bat mitzvah, the birth of a baby, a graduation, a wedding or other special occasion. A donation in memory of loved ones is a thoughtful and meaningful way to remember those who have passed.

Your donation will be acknowledged with a card to the recipient of this tribute and it will also be listed in the Synagogue & Ahava newsletters, unless you request otherwise.

To donate to Ahava, please click here.

Thank you for your contribution!